Suction Gun Pot Filters, 10pcs


Use these filters to prevent muck and other particles from entering the spray gun and spoiling the paintwork. For use with all Fast Mover suction spray guns. Size 22mm Diameter 36mm length For 8mm OD Tube

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Suction Gun Pot Filters

Fast Mover Tools, Suction Gun Pot Filters.  Fast Mover is one of Europe’s leading supplier of automotive refinishing tools and consumables.

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Fast Mover

Fast Mover is one of Europe’s leading supplier of automotive refinishing tools and consumables.  The company established itself in 1980 and has built up a vast database of knowledge in the repair and finish of vehicles.  Their products are top quality and wide ranging.


Stoner specialises in a complete line of car care products like high performance cleaners, polishes, waxes and more.  Because professional worldwide trust the Stoner brand, they ensure you get the best clean and polish on your vehicle.


The Poorboy’s brand is established worldwide with an appeal to the automotive enthusiast who is restricted by their budget.  Their products are designed for easy on / easy off application.  Their products are premium quality with an excellent finish but affordable because even the best motor head has a price limit.


JML have an experienced team making them experts in providing the correct automotive repair for parts and accessories.  Their products cover a range of 2729 vehicles making them the perfect partner for automotive supply.


Autochoice founded their company in 1996 and has experience in the automotive industry.  Firstly the company prides itself on the principle of high quality products.  Secondly the actively follow the latest trends.  The result is that their products are high all quality and reliable.

Armor All

At over 50 years in business, Armor All has proven itself in the automotive industry.  The company started with a plan to protect rubber, plastic and vinyl and as a result, are now industry leaders in these products.

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