Hydraulic Services in Mullingar

2 Wire hose with up to 5800psi working pressure

1/4 inch to 1 inch

For over 60 years, Alfagomma has been producing and distributing high quality products all over the world, offering an excellent service and customized solutions for every customer needs.  QMP is proud to use Alfagomma for our hydraulic solutions.

We provide a huge range of Hydraulic Services in Mullingar
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QMP Hydraulics Sales & Service

QMP # 1 solution for Hydraulic Services in Mullingar:

✔ Hydraulic hose and repairs 
✔ Wide range of hoses and fittings
✔ Quick release couplings
✔ Hydraulic Oil
✔ Oil Absorbent products
✔ Power Washer lances etc
✔ Alfagomma Hydraulics in stock

Hydraulics in Mullingar

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Hydraulics in Mullingar


QMP Hydraulic Store Mullingar

Textile Braid Hose: from 6 mm to 51 mm

Wire Braid Hose: from 5 mm to 102 mm

Wire Spiral Hose: from 6 mm to 76 mm

Thermoplastic Hose: from 2 mm to 25 mm

PTFE Hose: from 5 mm to 51 mm

Hydraulics in Mullingar

Fittings & Adapters

QMP Hydraulic Store Mullingar

A complete range both in carbon and stainless steel.

Available in STANDARD, MULTISPIRAL and INTERLOCK versions.

ONE-PIECE and TWO-PIECE solutions.

BSP, NPT, Metric, JIC, ORFS, SAE and Staple Mining connections.

Operating pressures up to 2.750 bar (40.000 PSI)

Hydraulics in Mullingar

Quick Release Couplings

QMP Hydraulic Store Mullingar

ARGUS quick release innovative couplings design is available in poppet, flat face and screw type.

Meeting international standards and fully interchangeble.

Multi-coupling version developed in partnership with global OEM.

Featuring advanced FEM and CFD design to maximise mechanical and fluid dynamic performance.

Available in pressurized connect and disconnect versions.

Hydraulics in Mullingar

Multi Couplings

QMP Hydraulic Store Mullingar

ARGUS MULTI-K is a MULTI-COUPLING system designed to handle hydraulic, electric and pneumatic connections developed in partnership with global OEM .

Each MULTI-K project is the result of a close Co-Engineering work with OEM customers.

Hydraulics in Mullingar

Plug in Connectors

QMP Hydraulic Store Mullingar

PLUG-IN CONNECTORS are specifically designed in partnership with CIMATIC to simplify assembly installation and eliminates installation error. Ideal for reduced assembly time in restricted spaces.
All ALFAGOMMA metal parts feature TOP COAT (ATC) an innovative proprietary surface treatment developed and patented by the ALFAGOMMA Research & Development team.

Hydraulics in Mullingar

Swivel Connections

QMP Hydraulic Store Mullingar

SWIVEL CONNECTORS are designed to ensure long lasting performance in equipment requiring continuous or intermittent rotations.

Compact design, smooth rotation, operating pressures up to 420 bar (6000 PSI), sizes up to 51 mm.Available according to OEM termination requirement.

All ALFAGOMMA metal parts feature TOP COAT (ATC) an innovative proprietary surface treatment developed and patented by the ALFAGOMMA Research & Development team.

Hydraulics in Mullingar

Hose Gaurd

QMP Hydraulic Store Mullingar

ALFAGOMMA’s high quality plastic spiral hose guard is specifically designed to perform in hazardous environments where external factors such as abrasion would otherwise jeopardize the hose life expectancy. Available in Standard, MSHA and FRAS version. Rounded edges construction to allow easy installation.

Hydraulics in Mullingar

Manipulated Steel Tubes

QMP Hydraulic Store Mullingar

ALFAGOMMA manipulated pipe range is built to OEM specifications and designed to be fully integrated with ALFAGOMMA flexible hose, fitting and quick couplings range.
Available in:
• Carbon and Stainless Steel
• Diameters from 4 to 200 mm – 3/16” up to 8”
• High production accuracy
• 3D Geometry measurement technology
• High cleanliness level (up to NAS 5, ISO4406 16/14/11 or better)